【DMY】- ​Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany

Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany

this year DMY will organize the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany
for the third time. the application procedure starts today, on February 11th, 2014,
and ends on March 31th, 2014.

Within this time span you can submit your works for the categories product design,
communication design and young talents.
During the DMY International Design Festival in late May a renowned jury will
choose the nominees,which will then be presented to the public on May 29th, 2014.
Members of the jury will be announced soon.
The winners will be honoured at the award ceremony which will be held at the
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology in September 2014.
Application guidelines
Only works from the fields of product and communication design can be submitted.
Moreover your submission must have won a design competition of your federal state or
a national/international design contest. You can only submit products and services
that have been released within the last three years or are in a close-to-production state. 
Please apply online via www.bundesdesignpreis.de. For each application,
the filing fee of 350,- €net is due.
The application for the newcomer category costs 250, - € net.
We are looking forward to your submissions. 
Kind regards
DMY Berlin