2013 ADA

2013 ADA International Student Design Workshop – Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is the largest city and the capital of Taiwan. Taipei is located at the northern tip of the island. The city is the political, cultural and economical center of Taiwan. Being a global city, Taipei is full of diversity and international visitors. The city also includes culinary master pieces in the form of street food found in night markets or world class restaurants.

Nestled in the center of the Taipei Basin, Taipei City is surrounded by mountains to the north, east and south, and by the Danshui River to the west. As a result, it is endowed with unique natural scenery, with lush forests and winding rivers, and a variety of fascinating terrains, including volcanic mountains, foothills, terrace tablelands, coastal plains and river wetlands. In addition to beautiful sceneries, Taipei is also a city for individuals who enjoy indulging themselves in shopping, exotic meals, and feasts of arts and culture.

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About Taiwan Tech (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology) & The COMMATRIX

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The COMMATRIX (Advanced Design Center) was founded with the purpose to integrate the expertise and characteristics among the Department of Industrial and Commercial Design (ICD) at National Taiwan University and Science and technology (Taiwan Tech). With the potential of being the design platform for connecting design institutes and industries, it has considerable influences over the future development of Taiwan's cultural and creative industries. The main missions and services of the COMMATRIX include developments of smart platform applications system, healthy living for the elderly, design perceptual awareness Lab (D:PAL), art that interacts with technology, integrated marketing and services design, commercialization of research patents and IP, and Journal of Technology ( EI indexed journal). It is equipped with the most-updated design library for students and professionals, allowing it to become an important international interactive platform for design departments in Taiwan.

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The National Taiwan University and Science and technology (Taiwan Tech) has won "The Aim for the Top University Plan" and been recognized as Taiwan top 12 universities by the Ministry of Education. According to the Times Higher Education's list of the world's top universities for 2012-13, Taiwan Tech was ranked No.351-400 in the world (No.6 in Taiwan), and No.56 in Asia (No.5 in Taiwan). In the 2011 "University evaluation survey" by Global View Monthly and 104 Job Bank, Taiwan Tech was ranked No.4 in the country; in the "Survey of graduate students most favored by corporations," Taiwan Tech was ranked No.5 in the country. Taiwan Tech has also worked closely with corporations, under a total of funding of nearly 900 million NTD for industrial collaboration, at 33% of the school's total expenditure.

In recent years, teachers and students of the ICD have performed excellently in the field of creative design, making Taiwan Tech the No.1 university in the ranking of German iF, Red Dot (2011-present) worldwide, among all participating design universities. The department has accumulated more than 300 awards in important international competitions, such as SIGGRAPH (USA), ANNECY, Austria's Prix Ars Electronica, and others (2002-present), leading the way among design departments in Taiwan. Each professor publishes more than 10 academic journal papers in domestic and foreign journals each year, having an high-standard educational performance that develops on both design and academic achievement.

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