2013 ADA

In 1996, 21st October, we 3 association, JIDA (Japan Industrial Designer's Association), KAID (Korea Association of Industrial Designers) and CIDA (China Industrial Designers Association), concluded a note for cooperation each other. Consequently, in 1997 December, in Seoul, Korea, a board conference took place. We fixed a principle for our activity from them on. In 1998, August, in Bennesse Island, Naoshima, we first carried out a comprehensive meeting supported by JIDA, members from 3 associations took part in. Having finished that event, in Korea and Taiwan we had another conference, we deepened the idea, which we are neighbor, above all.

About ADA

In 2001, we developmently changed the name of this organization "CIDA-JIDA-KAID Meeting" into "ADA"(Asia Designer's Assembly). And we decided to explore our field to the other countries. The Aim of ADA is make the current of Design industry, which concent-rates in Europe until now, to focus us, and people to recognize what we are and what we produce. As a result, we would like to reach the point where we could influence the design current. At the same time we hope to exchange ourselves and our idea a lot more than we did before through activity.

This year, the first comprehensive meeting supported by JIDA will take place since 2001, When we changed the name to ADA though, we decided to carry out a workshop for students who study design in 3 countries, in advance of the conference.

ADA student Workshop is to give to the students an opportunity for exchanging each idea develop their potential and for deepening their understanding by working together.

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